September 2019

Joe Parrino
Global Alliance Director – CBRE
President 7×24 Exchange,
Rocky Mountain Chapter


Greetings 7×24 RMC’ers.  Here’s a recap of our 2019 Activities thus far, and what we’ve got left:

March 21 “GO FOR LAUNCH”:  Matt Melis with the NASA John Glenn Research Center wowed the crowd with his in-depth stories of the Columbia Shuttle tragedy and the organizational challenges within NASA that became contributing factors to the tragedy

May 9:  Silicon Carbide Breakers and Lithium Ion Battery Seminar at Top Golf in Centennial, these impressive new technologies were introduced while the audience enjoyed lunch, we then spent an hour testing our skills at Top Golf

May 9:  $1,500 Scholarships were awarded to three STEM students.
Congratulations to these future leaders…!!

  • Katrina Lidgard – Electrical Engineering; Colorado School of Mines
  • Warren Harris – Industrial Design; Metropolitan University of Denver
  • Graham Braly – Electrical Engineering; Colorado School of Mines

October 10:
  Visa Data Center Tour and Presentation 2:30-6:30 p.m.
Shuttle Location for shuttle to Visa:  8744 Lucent Blvd  Highlands Ranch, CO
You can register for the event here…

Ok, what’s with this theme about Teamwork anyway?

Our Sponsors have invested in this Chapter so we can continue to support our Students, provide excellent venues and speakers, and make our Data Center industry a lot better connected.

Take a look at who’s supporting this Chapter.  Please thank them for their support.  More importantly, we hope you contact them when you need consultation, engineering, or equipment services.

Sponsorship Name Phone Email
Titanium Howell Construction (Kristin Rasmussen) 303-696-5849
Titanium Sturgeon Electric Co. Inc. (Matt McMahen)  
Titanium The RMH Group, Inc.(Max Billington) 303-239-2734
Titanium Schneider Electric (Melissa Hertel) 401-363-8154
Titanium T5 Data Centers (Joe Parrino) 888-239-7133
Titanium Alcorn Construction (Michelle Marquardt) 303.407.1441
Platinum DVL Group, Inc. (Josh Lunde) 303-953-3121
Platinum Supportek, Inc. (Dave Hoyt) 303-892-6500
Platinum CAI (Leah Farlow) 317-271-6082
Gold United Rentals Power & HVAC (Lisa Reiswig) 720-469-8202
Gold H5 Data Centers (Rabin Mahanty)  
Gold Stulz Air Technology Systems (Justin Peltzer) 720-576-0305
Gold Holder Construction Company (Tom Dobson) 720.465.6020
Gold TRYG Group (Mitchell Avis) 720-980-8794
Gold Long Building Technologies (Jason Long) 303-742-3343
Gold DP Guardian (Jay Hagen) 303-783-0191
Gold Colo Uninterruptible Power Serv. (Jerry Rick) 303-321-5089
Gold Aggreko (Nathan Marrs) 303-621-6010
Gold Total Network Support (Mike Mantey) 303-483-1144
Silver Murphy Company (Frederick Hansen) 303-371-6600
Silver Electrical Reliability Service (John Donahue) 303-427-8809
Silver Wagner Equipment (Steven Kerns) 303-739-3072
Silver W.E. O’Neil Construction (Michael Hockett) 303-238-7900
Silver Rocky Mtn Power Generation (Travis Holland) 303-428-2517
Silver Wunderlich-Malec Engineering (Kevin Cushman) 303-579-7664
Silver Smith Power Products (Jeremy Frum) 720-775-9830
Silver PDI Corporation (Ash Prabhakar) 720-289-7791
Silver Gensler & Associates (Joy Hughes/Jon Gambrill) 303-595-8585
Silver Conley Equipment Company (Walker Rheem) 303-371-6777
Silver Trautman & Shreve (Dennis Hazlett) 303-295-1414
Bronze Seeley International (Adam Pritz) 303-956-2249
Bronze Saunders Construction (Joe Ellison) 303-901-1134
Bronze Vapor IO (Tim Hughes) 720-357-9223
Bronze Superstruct (Mark Hohlen) 303-808-9200

Our Board Members are ‘all-in’, ensuring we attempt to provide the best possible experiences for our guests.  Those of us on the Board help select venues, speakers, subjects, themes, manage our budgets, award Scholarships to our Students.  They are a great team!

As I’ve said many times, the success of this Chapter all boils down to a few simple things…

  1. Programming…we are committed to bringing you relevant topics that are not sales pitches, topics that are attractive to our target audience: our Data Center End Users
  2. Participant Experience…we strive to create a friendly atmosphere, good food and good locations, where our End Users can hopefully glean a few takeaways to apply to their own operations, as well as get connected with our local Vendors and Contractors
  3. Connecting with Schools and Students…we continue to make outreach efforts with Metro State College of Denver, Colorado School of Mines, and CU Boulder. These kids are our future, and we are making inroads to creating their awareness of our great industry.

Once again, THANK YOU to our Sponsors for ENABLING THIS TEAMWORK ENVIRONMENT!!  Without you, none of this happens.  The venues, the food, the Golf Tournament, the Scholarships.  THANK YOU for your support.

Warmest Regards,