CAPSTONE DESIGN – 7X24 Exchange Rocky Mountain Chapter Sponsorship (“The Client”) 

Capstone Design is a creative, client-driven design experience emerging from combined efforts in civil, electrical, mechanical, environmental and design engineering. The engineering community widely recognizes that many of the challenges facing society, now and in the future, can only be met through multidisciplinary approaches. Capstone Design embraces the uniqueness of each degree, while enabling students to address realistic, multidisciplinary challenges.

The Challenge Statement:

Design a zero-carbon data center, that can support a 5 MW load, with 35,000 SF of white space (server space) and 40,000 SF of support space. This design must be functional for 7 days without the commercial grid.

DELIVERABLES: (Client aligns the deliverables with the groups passion)

  • Concept level site plan
  • Building plan
  • One-line and flow diagram
  • Presentation to industry experts (the Client)
  • Presentation to College Professors

The 2023/2024 focus is on geothermal and hydrogen power generation.

Colorado School of Mines – Design Team

Emma Day
Luke Folsom
Aidan Mahoney
Fischer Argosino
Adam Carranco

Primary Stakeholders:

Tom Dobson (Holder Construction Company), Justin Peltzer (Stulz Air Technology Systems), and Alberto Barrios Marquez (RMH Group)