Where are they now…

The 7X24 Exchange Rocky Mountain Chapter has awarded scholarships to numerous exceptional students who have gone on to achieve remarkable success. A few highlights from some of our awardees are listed below:


  • Ph.D from Colorado State University – Civil Engineering & Construction Engineering and Management – Graduated in December 2020.
  • Dissertation: “Identification of the Criteria for Building Maintenance Decisions in Facility Management: First Step to Developing a Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Approach
  • Currently: Assistant Professor – University of Wisconsin-Stout Construction Program.

WARREN HARRIS (2019 Award)

  • Business Development Intern at Holder Construction
  • MSU Denver IND Show Case
    MSU Denver Department of Industrial Design Information Book of student work page 12.
  • IDEM 23 Design Conference Belgium (International Design Experimental Meeting)

IDEM is an international workshop for students, teachers, and professionals. These students and teachers from around the world work tougher in teams of 4-7 to design Equilibrium or Precariousness. Spending one week to design and build an interactive exhibit to showcase on the last day.

GRAHAM BRALY (2019 Award)

  • The scholarship I received from the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the 7×24 Exchange helped me pursue my electrical engineering education, so that I can use the expertise I have gained to benefit other people through engineering. My interactions with members of the 7×24 Exchange granted me a better understanding of the critical importance of engineering reliable solutions that ensure the safety of the people and organizations those solutions serve. I will remember the generosity of, and the lessons I have learned from 7×24 Exchange members throughout my career in engineering.


  • NCAR Computational Information Systems Laboratory Recognition Award
  • Co-author “Development of Flat Silicon-Based Mesh-Lens Arrays for Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Astronomy” in the Journal of Low Temperature Physics.
  • Accepted to CU Boulder Aerospace Engineering Master of Science program
  • Intern at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
  • Research Assistant at CU Boulder Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

MADISON LE (2018 Award)

  • 3rd Place Winner, Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Student Paper Competition “Quantifying Subgridding Errors when Modeling Multiscale Structures with FDTD”
  • Mines Undergraduate Research Fellowship (MURF)
  • Employed with First RF Corporation – Boulder, CO


  • Employed as Electrical Engineer at Renewable Energy Systems Americas, Inc.

BRIANA FARRIS (2016 Award)

  • Design Engineer at EN Engineering, Inc.