January 2020

Joe Parrino
Global Alliance Director – CBRE
President 7×24 Exchange
Rocky Mountain Chapter

Renewals for the New Year and Decade

Greetings 7×24 RMC’ers.

I don’t know about you, but I’m having trouble believing it’s the year 2020…anybody else?  Along that line of thinking, where did the 2010’s go anyway? (maybe this is part of that aging process!!)

Speaking of which, I bet most of us would agree that 2019 just flew by.  In my humble opinion, I felt our programming was exceptional, and those who responded to our end-of-year Survey seem to agree.

Here’s a recap of our 2019 Activities:

  • March 21 “GO FOR LAUNCH”: Matt Melis with the NASA John Glenn Research Center wowed the crowd with his in-depth stories of the Columbia Shuttle tragedy and the organizational challenges within NASA that became contributing factors to the tragedy
  • May 9: Silicon Carbide Breakers and Lithium Ion Battery Seminar at Top Golf in Centennial, these impressive new technologies were introduced while the audience enjoyed lunch, we then spent an hour testing our skills at Top Golf
    • During that event, we awarded $1,500 Scholarships to three students from Mines and MSU
    • Katrina Lidgard – Electrical Engineering; Colorado School of Mines
    • Warren Harris – Industrial Design; Metropolitan University of Denver
    • Graham Braly – Electrical Engineering; Colorado School of Mines
      • Graham will be joining RMH Group full time employee this year…congrats to him!
  • October 10: Visa Data Center Tour and Presentation
    • Wes Spera with Visa presented on PLC upgrades on their Medium Voltage Switchgear…this was major brain-surgery on a live Data Center which they accomplished perfectly
    • This event was top-rated by our Membership…THANK YOU for hosting us VISA!

If you read my letters, you know the goals of this Chapter…

  • Enable the Front Range Data Center community to be more connected and closer together
  • Provide Programming which inspires thought, and brings value to our attendees, along with a great ‘non-salesy’ experience, and which is attractive to our local End-Users
  • Connect with our local Technical Colleges and Universities to create awareness and inspire STEM students to get involved in our great industry

For the upcoming 2020 Calendar Year, your Board of Directors’ goal is to keep the programming bar as high as possible.  To do this, we need your ‘RENEWAL’ support.  This year, we’re offering our Early-Bird 10% discount on all levels of Sponsorship until January 31st.  Please consider supporting this Chapter.  We promise to keep working hard to make it as good as it can be.  We promise!!

Warmest Regards,